Impromptu events have been approved as part of the Queensland Special Interest Vehicle Concession Scheme (SIVS) guide. Our club has had to develop a policy to implement Impromptu Events for our Club.

Please read the Falcon GT Owners of Qld Inc’s policy below and please visit the Queensland Government web address below to review the changes to the SIVS. Copy and paste the address into your web browser.

Falcon GT Owners of Qld Inc policy relating to Impromptu Events

An impromptu event is an event that has been initiated by a club member, involves one or more vehicles, and is supported by an incorporated vehicle club.


It may be an event initiated by one or more members of the club at reasonable notice. 

For a financial member of the Falcon GT Owners Club of Qld to register an impromptu event, the following process is required.

1. The member posts enters details of the proposed event on THIS ONLINE FORM PLEASE CLICK HERE), inviting all club members, with the following information:

  • The purpose or reason for the event
  • The date and time of the event
  • Where the event is taking place
  • The name of the member proposing the event.

2. These details will be added to the impromptu events register.

3. Posting of these details would deem the event as supported. (see dot point 4 below)

4. If, for some reason, the proposed event does not comply with the conditions as outlined in the SIVCS by the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR), the event is not supported by the Falcon GT Owners Club of Qld Inc.

5. Members who have their vehicles registered under the SIVCS should refer to the conditions and restrictions of the TMR policies that take precedence over the Falcon GT Owners of Qld Inc policy.